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Therapy Options For...


Anxiety               Depression          Stress          Trauma   


Christian Counseling       Marriage Counseling       Pre-Marital Counseling

Grief          Life Changes          Infidelity          Divorce

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging. Whether you have been married for many years, are considering marriage, or even that next step in your relationship.  We can work through those difficult places causing so much pain, and gain tools to better equip you for your future. 


Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy can be a very powerful way for individuals and couples to creatively express themselves. You will be able to tell your story in a different and more expressive way than ever before.  Clients are often amazed at what they discover about themselves and what is important to them in their relationships.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes you just need to talk. I work with people from all walks of life. So often, we experience stress during times of change or transition in our lives. I am honored to hold space for the most courageous and amazing people (my clients) as they share their stories with me. I would consider it a privilege to walk alongside you, no matter what you are dealing with right now, and work through this together.

Grief and Loss Therapy

Experiencing the loss of a loved one can often be the most difficult thing we face. There are many types of loss, not only the death of someone we love. Sometimes people experience what is known as Ambiguous Loss. We can see this when a soldier is deployed, or a divorce occurs within a family. All losses have a significant impact on us. There are a variety of therapeutic modalities I use to help people process and walk through these very painful life events.


Trauma Therapy

Trauma can be a very devastating and complex thing in our lives. Trauma can be different for each person. You may have experienced a traumatic event once, or it may have been something chronic, over a period of time. You may not even understand why you feel or react to things the way you do. This is a very normal, very human response to trauma. We are designed to protect ourselves when bad things happen.  May I encourage you today? Do not fear, there is hope!


 Adolescents   (Ages 16 and Above)

Teens often go through times of uncertainty, discouragement, and anger. It can be difficult for them to describe what they are feeling and to articulate their thoughts into words. I use a variety of methods to help adolescents identify and regulate their emotions. Oftentimes it is helpful for them to learn healthy coping skills as they grow into the next life stage.

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